Our Security

Secure self storage units in Camden, TN

Why Security Matters

We take security seriously at Vick Storage Rentals

The items stored in a self storage unit can range from seasonal decorations to important documents. 

They can be affordable or expensive. But one thing they all have in common is that you want to hang onto them enough to rent a self storage unit. 

At Vick Storage Rentals, we respect the need for your belongings to be safe and secure. That’s why we take various steps to make our storage facility as secure as we feasibly can!

Our Security

Here are just a few of the efforts we make to ensure the safety of your property at Vick Storage Rentals
Secure Gated Access
We make use of the Door King gate system to maintain secure access and keep out unwanted visitors.
Security Cameras
Our facility has numerous security cameras. Each camera has recording capabilities, as well!
Tenant Protection
Add tenant protection when renting a unit or add to an existing rental through your online account.

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Vick Storage Rentals strives to be the best in town when it comes to premium facilities, secure storage units, and outstanding service. 

You can find your self storage unit or vehicle storage space online by browsing our availability today. 

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